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In Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, we are THE school for singing and voice training! 


The SING DICH GLÜCKLICH team of ten includes singing teachers and speech therapists. This colourful team has been developing its dream since 2012: creating a school centred around the voice, which allows every student to discover their instrument and follow their personal path. Our philosophy focuses on the natural sound of the voice and the development of one’s musical identity.

In addition to private lessons, we offer a wide range of courses, each focusing on a different musical aspect or specific vocal technique: choirs, small ensembles, harmony and rhythm courses and an introduction to the Lichtenberger® Methode.

All of our teachers offer private lessons; feel free to navigate our website to get to know them. Some private lessons and certain ensembles are also available in English, French, Spanish and other languages – just call us!



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The private lessons at SING DICH GLÜCKLICH articulate themselves around your vocal needs and personal wishes. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, we take the time to get to know your voice, understand where your motivation lies and what your goals are. Key points include: vocal technique, rhythm, repertoire, interpretation, stage presence, and coaching for entrance examinations.



The Duo Lessons are an opportunity for you to share your passion with a friend, make music as a team, and grow together. Learning songs and duos with a partner is beneficial on many levels as it promotes an instant feedback on one’s sound and offers an interesting insight to one’s musicality.

Similarly to the private lessons, key points are freely combinable.



The SDG Basics course is there to help you deepen your musical knowledge and expand your freedom. The sessions take place in small groups of 6-8 participants where we deepen our understanding of harmony and rhythm. If you are looking to navigate through music with renewed confidence, this is the place for you!



This course is designed for vocalists who wish to observe and experience singing through resonance and observe the body’s role in sound. We create soundscapes, sing songs and interact while listening to ourself and to others. We learn to detect the different resonance spaces and tissues our body has to offer, and how to discern them - thereby intensifying our awareness of the sound we create, the one created by others and the one we share. This course is based on the Lichtenberger® Methode.



The SDG Ensembles are small groups of 4 - 10 singers singing 3-part harmony arrangements. We focus on understanding what singing together means in a polyphonic context – we learn every voice, and take turns as soloists, accompanists and storytellers. The course focuses on jazz and american traditional music, while giving us the opportunity to work on its rhythms and harmonies.


„Early Bird Singing“ is our invitation to start the day with a smile on your face and a song on your lips. 

Take 45min to greet your voice, open your ears inward and outward, and be in conscious communication with yourself and your environment.


SDG Choir

Do you love singing? Did you ever try with others? The SDG Choir is for singers with little to no choir experience – hop on and enjoy the ride together with inspiring choir leader Nina Rotner!


Indie Pop Choir Berlin

Indie Pop is what ever we make out of it - here is the opportunity for us to sing what we like and what makes us happy! The repertoire revolves around songs of Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, MIA, The Knife, Feist, Florence and the Machine and many others. All of the arrangements for the Indie Pop Choir Berlin are especially written for the choir by its conductor: Lena Sundermeyer.


Feature Choir Berlin 

»Amateur goes professional« – that’s the Feature Choir’s motto! Here we leave the realm of traditional choir music behind, and move on to a new way of singing together. This choir creates the opportunity for ambitious amateur-singers to share the stage with professionals and lend their voices to existing solo projects. The Feature Choir Berlin is a woman’s choir lead by Anna Bolz.


Stay tuned for our Workshops and Seminars like SDG Summer Academy and more. 



If you would like to book a course or have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. We're happy to help!

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